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Algae Identification

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What is Algae ID?

Beagle works with multiple collaborators who are expert phycologists, and who can identify hundreds of algal taxa.  Our baseline ($75) service is a non-quantitative scan for the presence or absence of common algae, including blue-green algae, green algae, and diatoms.  A more thorough analysis can be requested.  Results take 7-10 days to report.

Why do Algae ID?

  • “We have had potentially toxic algae in the past, and knowing whether or not they are present is really all the information I need at this time.”
  • “My pond doesn’t really have a history of toxic algae, so I want to know what I’m dealing with rather than spend money on toxin testing right away.”
  • “I run a water treatment plant and this level of analysis is what I need to make the proper adjustments to our treatment process.”
  • “I run a monitoring program, and we only want to invest in toxin testing when it makes sense to do so.  Doing algae ID is a cost-effective option for the dozens of samples we will process.”

How to do Algae ID:

Step 1: Take algae samples with Beagle’s Sampling Kit, or with your own materials, keeping the samples cold and in the dark for no more than two days before they are shipped.  Please see our sampling guide for clear instructions on how to properly collect, package and ship your samples to Beagle Bioproducts.

Step 2: Complete a chain of custody form.  All samples must be accompanied by a Chain of Custody form in order to be processed.  Please make sure this form is folded and placed in a water proof bag inside of the sample package you plan to ship.

Step 3: The last step is to package and ship us your samples.  Please refer to the sampling guide on how to properly prepare the samples for shipment.

Send all samples to:
Beagle Bioproducts, Inc
ATTN: Testing Service
959 Schrock Rd
Columbus, OH 43229

Once Beagle receives your samples, you will receive your toxin test results within 2 business days.  For more information please contact us at 614-682-6588 or info@beaglebioproducts.com.

Click here to download Chain of Custody

Click here to view Beagle’s Sampling Kit

Click here to download Results Interpretation

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