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Posted by Eric Roy on Thu, May 09, 2013 @ 02:13 PM
EricByRiver_240x160The title of this, my first blog post, could just as easily have been “So what’s a finance guy like you doing in a place like this??” Beagle Bioproducts is a specialty chemicals company, with our “elevator pitch” being quite simple: we harvest, extract, purify and ultimately distribute a line of products from the biomass contained in harmful algal blooms (HABs). Our first products will be cyanobacterial toxins, specifically several congeners of microcystin, which are used as reference standards. Those of you who know me would rightly mention that my last scientific endeavor was freshman chemistry in the 1970’s; so, again, “What am I doing here??” The answer is pretty simple, and outlines our mission and goals here at Beagle.

First of all, my partner Stephanie Smith has the technical expertise, savvy and necessary connections in the scientific community to bring this opportunity to life. When we met a couple of years ago she was the Chief Scientist for an organization I was involved with as a contract CFO, and the business premise that has become Beagle Bioproducts evolved from many conversations we had about creating value for that organization. Very quickly, we discussed several things that we believed (and still do!) could create a business opportunity for ourselves and investors, and, more importantly, deliver value for our customers. Highlights include:

  • We believe there is a lack of reliable supply for our products.
  • Our approach will allow us to provide these products in quantities unavailable in the past.
  • Stephanie and I believe that a business founded on sound values will be a company our customers will want to work with. We hold ourselves accountable to these values every day.

So, it has been a challenging, exciting ride that has us weeks away from having products ready for the world! Although I am not a scientist, my background and expertise have gone a long way towards helping to build Beagle’s infrastructure, and the opportunity to build a business that will provide for the needs of our customer base with superior customer service has always been a goal of mine. If your professional endeavors include a need for cyanobacterial toxin products, specifically microcystins, check us out – the Beagle Pack will work tirelessly to fill your needs!

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