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Beagle now offers Continuing Education courses!

Beagle now offers on-demand courses for continuing education credit for drinking water operator licensing in Ohio! Contact us at 614-682-6588 or info@beaglebioproducts.com to schedule courses as either:

  • Webinar, $50/contact hour/attendee
  • On-site training, $100/contact hour/attendee, minimum of 6 attendees

The following three courses are currently available, and have been registered with Ohio EPA:

Abstract: How the ADDA ELISA Works.

Many Public Water Suppliers that utilize a surface source of water have onboarded the Abraxis technology for performing the ADDA ELISA for the detection of microcystin toxin. Many users of the ELISA, however, have never received a basic understanding of what an ELISA is, and how this specific assay works. In this course, the basic principles of an indirect ELISA will be explained, followed by how those principles specifically apply to the ADDA ELISA. The instructor will explain how the standard curve and sample quantitation work, as well as the limitations of the assay.

Abstract: Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms with a Handheld Fluorometer.

This course will begin with a 30 minute overview on cyanobacterial pigments and the principles of fluorescence, including an overview of how handheld fluorometers work. This will be followed by an hour of hands-on training that will include primary and secondary calibration of the fluorometer, and measurement of real-world samples from reservoirs and finished water sources. We will also go over the process to download data into an Excel spreadsheet. The final 30 min will include completion of a quiz, as a group, to reinforce concepts, with final questions and answers to be covered by the instructor.

This course is primarily designed for customers who have purchased our Dual-Channel Fluorometer, and is on-site training only (no webinar available).

Abstract: Collection and Preparation of Samples for the Total Microcystins ELISA.

Ohio Public Water Supplies (PWS) that utilize a surface source of water will be required to collect samples for microcystin testing, in accordance with an Ohio EPA SOP requiring an ELISA for measuring total microcystins in drinking water. Whether performing the ELISA themselves or preparing the samples for an independent laboratory, PWS operators must follow consistent practices that meet Ohio EPA requirements. In this course we will explain the underlying premise for each of the Ohio EPA’s sampling requirements, as well as how to implement specific practices to meet the requirements. This course will also serve as a “refresher” for operators who may have performed sampling before, but who do not remember the specific steps, or who may have not fully understood what steps were being performed, in what sequence, and why. The course will also provide recommendations that reduce risks of sample and data loss, and provide quality checks on the samples before testing. This course will be available as an interactive webinar, as a classroom-based course, and for on-site training in water plants.

Courses you want? Call us and tell us your ideas! 614-682-6588

Courses we have in development:

  • The Usual Suspects: What Toxic Algae Do Ohio DW Operators Need to Know About?

  • How to Use Your Microscope (on-site only, pricing per site varies)