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Beagle’s Customized Sampling Kits

Beagle’s Customized Sampling Kits fit whatever harmful algae bloom parameters you want us to test for!  Kits can be customized to collect up to 3 samples of any type, for:

  • CYANOTOXINS (Microcystin, Cylindrospermopsin, Anatoxin, Saxitoxin)
  • GEOSMIN/MIB (“taste and odor” compounds)
  • ALGAE IDENTIFICATION (for blue-green algae)

Each kit contains:IMG_1024

  • Detailed instructions on the proper way to collect your samples
  • Chain of Custody Form
  • Icepacks, gloves and an insulated shipping container
  • The CORRECT vials or bottles for collection of your sample
  • Any required preservatives for your samples
  • Upon request: thiosulfate for quenching finished drinking water samples, pH strips for checking pH

Ohio PWS:  Our kits are all you need to meet the sampling requirements for the Ohio Total Microcystin SOP!

Each customized kit is only $25!  Call us to customize your order:  614-682-6588!