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Chlorophyll Calibrator

photo 1Handheld Calibrator:  $150.00 plus S&H

Beagle is happy to offer an easy-to use, single-point chlorophyll calibrator for field-ready fluorometers!  Chlorophyll a is the fluorescent pigment that gives plants, algae, and cyanobacteria their green color, and it can be used to estimate the abundance of photosynthetic phytoplankton in water samples.  This is a primary calibrator that can help users to obtain fluorescent measurements of the pigment in field samples.  This calibrator was specifically designed with Beagle’s Amiscience handheld fluorometers in mind, but will work with any instrument that is compatible with the acetone-based formulation.

To place an order please call Beagle at (614) 682-6588 or send us a purchase order to info@beaglebioproducts.com.

Product Specifications

Chlorophyll has been extracted from environmentally collected algae in a solution containing 90% acetone and stored chilled and protected from light.  Each production lot will differ, and the range of chlorophyll concentrations (300-500 ppb) will be reported on the Certificate of Analysis.  The product delivered will be a dried concentrate in an amber vial, and when diluted with 6.5 mL of acetone will yield the reported concentration for calibration.  The user has the freedom, then, to use more or less acetone if a different calibration concentration (in ppb) is desired.  The product is stable for 6 months after shipment if stored in the dark at 4oC, and should be used immediately upon dilution.

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