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David J. Brumbaugh

David J. Brumbaugh, Field and Operations Technician at Beagle Bioproducts

Mr. David J. Brumbaugh is Beagle’s field and operations technician, preparing and performing primary dewatering and biomass collection activities.

Dave is an Ohio EPA Qualified Data Collector, and participates in lake water quality monitoring for the Ohio Lake Management Society (OLMS). A Biology graduate from the College of Wooster, Dave has been responsible for large-scale production of algal biomass to support development of algae biofuels and dewatering technology while he was at Algaeventure Systems (AVS) in Marysville, OH from 2010-2011. He performed YSA-Sondes-based monitoring of algal growth at scale, laboratory-based culture maintenance, media preparation, and equipment maintenance. Dave expanded operations to include a broad scale of growth vessels, from agar plates and slants, through 10- and 50-gallon tanks, to 400-gallon photobioreactors and 10,000-gallon growth cells, resulting in an increase in reliable capacity by two orders of magnitude during his tenure.

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