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Our History

Beagle BiosolutionsCo-founders Eric Roy and Stephanie Smith recognized in 2011 that harmful algal blooms (HABs) were an emerging problem that the scientific community was intent to solve. However, scientists lacked access to all the tools they needed to study and evaluate harmful algal blooms, especially toxin reference standard material that they could use for methods that measured toxins in water.

Our initial aim upon founding Beagle in 2012 was to become the industry leader in providing high-quality, and high-quantity toxin reference standards. That vision has been realized, but in August 2014 the City of Toledo, OH had a crisis due to microcystin contamination of the drinking water supply, the result of a highly toxic HAB in Lake Erie. Our expertise with toxins and algae was sought by numerous agencies, citizens, and drinking water operators, which led to the launch of a toxin testing service and the addition of other tools and services to help people monitor HABs.

We continue to add products and capabilities, always with an ear towards the needs of our clients, which include drinking water plants, state and federal agencies, private citizens, and private businesses with needs related to blue-green algae. We also collaborate with partners worldwide to help solve problems related to monitoring and analysis for our clients.

Most recently, we have become a provider of continuing education courses for Ohio drinking water operators, and we always have our eyes open for new ways we can serve the community of people that study and cope with HABs.

How can we serve you?

Call us at 614-682-6588 or email at info@beaglebioproducts.com.