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Blue & Green in the Land of Scarlett & Gray

Posted by Stephanie A. Smith, Ph.D.on Tue, January 13, 2015 @ 5:00 PM

OHBeagle Bioproducts extends hearty congratulations to The Ohio State University Buckeyes!  There’s a lot to love about this story, but my favorite aspect regards Cardale Jones, who came off the bench to lead OSU through the playoff season to a national championship.  Coach Urban Meyer (and his staff) clearly recognized months or years in advance that it wasn’t good enough to have a star quarterback in Braxton Miller, but you needed a great backup like J.T. Barrett.  Amazingly, they were able to maintain superior talent even deeper in their roster, in the form of Jones.

Here in Ohio we’re seeing Scarlett & Gray, but in about 6 months we’ll be seeing blue and green.  I’m not referring to the questionable green uniforms of the Ducks, I’m referring to the blue-green algae that will soon be invading our waterways and lakes (and compromising the quality of life for a great many ducks).  Will our team of lake managers, regulators, and water plant operators have planned as carefully as Coach Meyer? 

In my opinion, what we do in January will determine whether we win or lose the ballgame against blue-green algae in July and August.  A winning team will put in place the right tools to monitor and manage the growth of blue-green algae.  Such tools might include fluorometers for baselining and tracking the growth of blue-green algae, microscopy to identify blue-green algae as they arise in your lake, and when they hit, kits for measuring the toxins either in your own laboratory or through a provider like Beagle. 

In 2014 Beagle came to realize that most people were completely unprepared for blue-green algae.  This year, we vowed to make available tools and services that are backed by our expertise and experience, to help folks out. 

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