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Phycocyanin Calibrators

photoHandheld Calibrator:  $200.00 plus S&H

Beagle is the first company to introduce an easy-to use, single-point phycocyanin calibrator for field-ready fluorometers!  Phycocyanin is a blue fluorescent protein that gives cyanobacteria their distinctive coloration, and which can be used to estimate the abundance of cyanobacteria.  Calibration of fluorometers helps to ensure more accurate measurements of the pigment, and a layer of measurement error is further eliminated by using real phycocyanin rather than the commonly used rhodamine surrogates.  The handheld calibrator was specifically designed with Beagle’s Amiscience handheld fluorometers or other manufacturer’s equivalent in mind.  

To place an order please call Beagle at (614) 682-6588 or send us a purchase order to info@beaglebioproducts.com.

Product Specifications

Each calibrator is lyophilized with a stabilizer.  The handheld calibrator can be reconstituted with 6 ml of water and used immediately.   Every production lot differs slightly, but in general the calibrators will yield a solution that is in the range of 200-500 ppb phycocyanin.  Prior to reconstitution, the products have at least one year shelf life, but with addition of water they should be used immediately, and no later than 4 hours after reconstitution.  Check your Certificate of Analysis carefully so you calibrate for the right concentration, and have the up-to-date shelf life for your calibrator.

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