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Phycocyanin Calibration Standards

Beagle is the first company to introduce an easy-to use, single-point phycocyanin calibrator for field-ready fluorometers! Phycocyanin is a blue fluorescent protein that gives cyanobacteria their distinctive coloration, and which can be used to estimate the abundance of cyanobacteria. Calibration of fluorometers helps to ensure more accurate measurements of the pigment, and a layer of measurement error is further eliminated by using real phycocyanin rather than the commonly used rhodamine surrogates. The handheld calibrator was specifically designed with Beagle’s Amiscience handheld fluorometers or other manufacturer’s equivalent in mind. The probe calibrator is designed to generate a higher volume of phycocyanin solution, so that it may be used with larger fluorometric devices such as Beagle’s Modern Water AlgaeChek Ultra probe.

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