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Rhodamine Calibrators

$150.00 plus S&H

Rhodamine CalibratorRhodamine secondary standards are used as a quick and easy way to check the calibration of your fluorometer.  This saves the user time and money, since one will not need to purchase or prepare primary calibrators (chlorophyll or phycocyanin) each time the instrument is used.   Note that the secondary standards are not designed to be used for primary calibration; their purpose is for gauging calibration prior to instrument use.  Sometimes this is referred to as detecting the “drift” of the instrument.

To place an order please call Beagle at (614) 682-6588 or send us a purchase order to info@beaglebioproducts.com.

Product Specifications

Rhodamine is a stable red fluorescent molecule that absorbs at 555 nm and emits at 580 nm.  While this combination of excitation/emission maxima does not correspond exactly to those of chlorophyll or phycocyanin, rhodamine’s fluorescence spectrum is broad enough that it is still capable of being measured on both channels.  Two standards containing a high or a low concentration of rhodamine along with a blank containing no rhodamine will be supplied as a set.  The standards were prepared in a proprietary solid phase formulation, in a 0.2 mL tube specifically for use with the Amiscience FluoroQuik fluorometers.

Beagle can customize a set of solid rhodamine standards to fit different sample chambers, for different manufacturers’ machines. Please contact us for details.

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