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Beagle has worked with clients to test for microcystin, cylindrospermopsin, anatoxin, and saxitoxin in a number of unique matrices and situations. Examples of unusual matrices include:Beagle Bioproducts Testing

  • Animal feed
  • Fish tissues, including livers and muscle
  • Flour and wheat germ products
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Beer

Further, we can apply the following technologies and methods on a case-by-case basis:

  • Taste and Odor (Geosmin and MIB) testing via GC/MS
  • Solid phase extractions and customized extraction approaches
  • LC/MS/MS (e.g., EPA Method 544)
  • MMPB analysis
  • HPLC-PDA analysis for toxins

Each situation is unique, and pricing is determined from a scope of work agreed upon with the client. We consult with clients to arrive at the best process, and we provide exceptionally high-quality reports. Contact us to discuss your unique need: 614-682-6588 or info@beaglebioproducts.com.