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Microcystin-YR50ug: $110.00

100ug: $220.00

This product is designed to be used as an analytical standard or in bioassay procedures.  All cyanobacterial toxins require that customers register with us to make purchases.

To place an order please call Beagle at (614) 682-6588 or send us a purchase order to info@beaglebioproducts.com. Custom quantities are available.

Product Specifications

Microcystin-YR is provided as a dried film in an amber vial, at the specified mass purchased and shown on the vial. It may not be visible in the vial, and should be dissolved in methanol or ethanol, with repeated rinsing of the sides of the vial with a pipet tip to fully dissolve the product. For biological applications, dissolved toxin should be diluted in an appropriate buffer for the application, reducing the organic solvent content to a level that it will not impact the application. For HPLC or other chemical applications, it should be diluted in an appropriate solvent or mobile phase. Once dissolved in the original organic solvent, the product is stable for ≥1 year when stored at -20oC.

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