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Toxin Testing Services

How do you know if your algae are toxic?

Toxic Bloom of Microcystis

Follow these 3 easy steps to find out:

Step 1:  Collect Algae Samples

The first step is to collect algae samples that you would like to be tested.  Please see our Sampling Guide for clear instructions on how to properly collect, package and ship your samples to Beagle Bioproducts.  Everything you need for sampling can be found in Beagle’s Sampling Kit available for purchase online.

Step 2:  Complete the Chain of Custody form

Once you have your algae samples the next step is to complete our chain of custody form.  All samples must be accompanied by a Chain of Custody form in order to be processed.  Please make sure this form is folded and placed in a water proof bag inside of the sample package you plan to ship. 

Step 3: Send us your algae samples for Toxin Testing

The last step is to package and ship us your samples.  Please refer to the Sampling Guide on how to properly prepare the samples for shipment.  You should ship your samples as soon as possible and no more than 24 hours after collection.

Send all samples to:
Beagle Bioproducts, Inc
ATTN: Testing Service
959 Schrock Rd
Columbus, OH 43229

Once Beagle receives your samples, you will receive your toxin test results within 2 business days.  For more information please contact us at 614-682-6588 or info@beaglebioproducts.com.

Click here to download Sampling Guide

Click here to download Chain of Custody

Click here to view Beagle’s Sampling Kit

Click here to download Results Interpretation