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Posted by David Brumbaugh on Tue, Jan 28, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

Knowing as much as you can about your water these days is crucial.  If you’ve found your way to Beagle Bioproducts’ Blog, you obviously already know this to be true.  There are hundreds of tests that can be performed to tell you what is, or is not, in your water.  Most labs try to offer as many tests as possible, but in doing so, they often can’t establish an expertise in anything because there are just so many water analyses that can be done.    Even in the relatively narrow domain of harmful algal blooms (HABs), there are many, many relevant tests that could be done to characterize your water and its susceptibility to HABs.

But Beagle has taken a different approach to its lab service offering.  As the old saying goes, “Pick one thing and be good at it!”  Beginning in 2014, Beagle Bioproducts will offer to the general public analysis for microcystin and other toxins related to harmful algal blooms.  As part of our normal work in producing pure microcystin standards, we perform these analyses every day and have become very proficient at it.  So, we are happy to extend our expertise in cyanotoxin analysis to the people who really need it, the people who need to know if their algae are toxic.

The other benefit to only performing cyanotoxin analyses is how efficiently we can do it.  By offering only this one type of test, our process is streamlined to move samples through the lab as quickly as possible.  As a result, Beagle can promise that you will get your microcystin (or other HAB toxin) results within 2 days after we’ve received your samples.   A quick turnaround time like this is hard to find in the water analysis industry, but we think it’s necessary when talking about something that can change as rapidly as an HAB can.

Of course, if you have a need for additional water analyses as they relate to HABs, Beagle would be happy to refer you to any of our many collaborators.  But, if you need to know whether your algae are toxic, and if you need to know soon, Beagle is your best bet.  After all, cyanotoxin analysis is what we’ve chosen… and we’re good at it.

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